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The first thing Regina's friends and family will tell you is that she has never forgotten her humble roots in Buffalo, NY's public schools or who she goes to the mat for - ALL children. 


Regina Campbell-Malone is a committed and seasoned educator who spends her days bringing learning and inquiry to life for students, and working tirelessly to ensure that she is delivering cutting-edge instruction for all students. She understands firsthand how important it is for teachers to grow and continuously improve in order to drive instructional excellence for students, and she knows the type of support teachers need to make this possible.


Regina aims to bring her approachable and collaborative spirit, along with her skills, passions and insights to bear on the work of the Milton Public Schools as it continues to make progress towards its stated goals of delivering a rigorous, broad, and equitable set of educational experiences to every student in our beloved community.   


Regina’s vision for Milton Public Schools is one where each day, every student is engaged deeply in critical-thinking, core skill development, and feels the sense of belonging they need to be able to learn and thrive. 

 To learn more about, please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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