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Elementary School Student

Academic Achievement

Research tells us that high teacher expectations have the greatest influence on grade-level gains above and beyond any other aspect of a child’s education.

Core Challenge

Coming Back from COVID: Our community is working its way back from the unbelievable losses brought on by COVID19. 

  • Students experienced a tremendous loss of stability, vital services, social support, and learning.

  • Students, teachers, and school administrators are still healing from the effects of this waning, yet ongoing, pandemic.

Unfinished Learning: The lingering footprint of unfinished learning was apparent in Fall 2021 formative assessments. 

  • The incredible recent gains MPS students have made in the past 6 months, show what’s possible when we take an “acceleration, not remediation” approach in MPS. 

  • Our teachers should be applauded for asking more of and getting more from our kids than ever before and that strengthened learning MUST continue.

 Key Focus Areas

  • Cultivating a culture of high expectations:

    • The number one thing that the Milton Public Schools can and MUST do is to foster a culture of increased expectations for all students.

    • Personalized, targeted, and strengthened learning are key to the success of our students.

  • Data driven follow-through to strengthen instruction and learning:

    • Monitoring outcomes of targeted and strengthened instruction using strategic formative assessments will allow our students to master grade level-learning over time.

    • By following the Acceleration Roadmap laid out for districts by DESE, Milton Public Schools have already seen extraordinary gains in the number of students meeting expectations in just six months.

    • We must support these continuing efforts with careful data analysis, adaptable planning and responsiveness. 

  • RIght-sizing our classrooms:

    • Overcapacity classrooms are a threat to academic achievement in every Milton Public School. 

    • This not only undermines the ability of MPS staff and teachers to provide personalized learning and critical services, but it threatens the social and emotional health of adults and students alike.

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