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Belonging & Building Bridges

All students should feel safe, supported, and have a sense of belonging within our school community.

Student success is measured not only in how well they perform academically but also in their social-emotional development. 

Building bridges with strategic partners is vital as we all seek creative and cost-conscious solutions that allow the district to meet intentional goals and the town to expand revenue sources without increasing the burden on property owners

Core Challenges

  The Milton Public Schools needs to be a place where we all belong - students, teachers, and parents - but that has not always been, and is not currently the case. 

A safe school is a fertile ground in which student growth can begin. However, just like a seed without water and warmth, students without a sense of security and belonging may not blossom to their fullest.

Key Focus Areas

  • Promote belonging and engagement of all stakeholders in our community. While students SHOULD be at the center of the public school community, teachers, administrators, and family members are important stakeholders with valued voices and ideas. As a fellow parent, Regina is invested in hearing from the diverse array of parents and guardians in the district to see how MPS has succeeded or has been challenged when engaging with parents/guardians as partners in the education of our children.


  • Advance new approaches for deepening community and belonging including common planning time, restorative justice coaching, and other intentional approaches that have the potential to strengthen and unite our community. Community is at the core of any educational institution from pre-K classrooms to the university level. At the world’s top research institutions there are intentional community events designed to encourage the interaction of multiple stakeholders and the sharing and sparking of ideas - from regular lab meetings to departmental bagel hour, and conferences. The School Committee can do more to support and lay out expectations for inclusive approaches to community-building across the Milton Public Schools. 

  • Develop standardized, equitable hiring policies and evaluation standards that set up MPS to successfully support and retain a world-class, diverse cohort of teachers and educational leaders. The development of more robust supports and performance goals for administrators related to excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion in hiring practices is an immediate priority.


  • Honor transparency in budgeting while advancing critical school building initiatives, facilities planning and support staff needs to meet our enrollment growth and to ensure budget decisions reflect our values as a town. 


  • Foster communication and transparency with other Milton Decision Makers (Select Board, Town Meeting, Planning Board, and Warrant Committee) seeking cost-savings and creative solutions to increase town revenue without increasing the burden on property owners.

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